Increase People-Awareness

Personality Challenges

The inefficiencies in organizations due to difficult people are numerous. They are either put up with because of their high individual performance, despite negative effects on coworkers, or let go to be replaced despite the elevated rehiring cost. We shed some light into alternatives based on understanding the true nature of the problem.
She’s one of my top performers. But she doesn’t get along with her peers and needs to contol her emotions!
Cindy, Senior Director (California)
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Increase Self-Awareness

Overcoming Blind Spots

Complaining about other people at work or blaming them for unfair behavior may actually have just as much to do with self. We shed some light into understanding what's really going on and how to move out of this trap.
No matter how hard I work, my boss isn’t happy with what I do. How come others get praised?
Dieter, Program Manager (Germany)
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Increase Leadership-Awareness

Complexity & Organizational Collaboration

How combine the reality of hard organizational deliverables with the complexities of scalable leadership, people relationships, global coordination and building a culture that delivers? When small structures grow, they often reach a point where they must fail. Or do they?
I end up doing things myself whenever it needs to be well done. But I have too much on my plate already!
Laetitia, VP Operations (France)
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Increase Communication-Awareness

Global Team Leadership & Communication

Effective communication across local organizations is difficult enough. Why does it get even harder in a global economy? What are the things to learn so that geographical separation, time zones and cultures don't get in the way as much?
My new global team is exhausting me! If I just knew what to say and how! I could really use a mentor.
Qiang, Worldwide Project Manager (Asia)
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1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Coaching is different from Mentoring, because we don't tell experienced people what to do. Instead we help them make new connections, see new ways, so they can come up with solutions even better than we could imagine. It's the best possible teamwork! People can’t imagine beforehand how they will grow.

Workshops & Retreats

Decision Makers, Leaders and Managers benefit greatly from understanding how People-Awareness, Self-Awareness, Leadership and Communication all play together towards long-term company success. We co-facilitate Retreats around company-specific challenges and goals in addition to our Workshops.

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