Opportunity, Self-Awareness & People-Awareness

"People-Awareness" and "Self-Awareness" form the foundation for leveraging human energy towards any chosen undertaking: Motivation, desire, interests and abilities aligned with innate strengths and talents, core-values and a desired self-image for you the leader a well as for each person involved and contributing.

Your own innate pattern of perception may present you with opportunities, possibilities, or necessities which start to resonate with you. As a leader, your success is directly related to how much each involved person wants the same outcome. While internal reasons and motivations are most likely going to be different for each contributor, you want the intensity of motivation to be as high as possible and each person's ability to fill a crucial role in your undertaking. It's the foundation for a "global-win" in addition to just a "win" for you.

But what kind of leadership are you going to apply? Depending on your innate patterns, you may have a preference for doing what you have seen work before and which you deem appropriate. Or you may improvise as each minute calls for without giving it much thought because you know what's needed in the moment. Or you may paint a vision, have people truly get it, feel connected to it and then relentlessly and consistently drive towards making the vision become reality, differentiating yourself from how things used to be done before. Or you may undertake an enormous achievement in ways that will reveal themselves through more thorough understanding.
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"People-Awareness" will help you select the right people or bring out the best in the people you already have available.

"Self-Awareness" will help you get along in more productive ways with your people, and not undermine their productivity. It will also inform you on which leadership style works best for you in general. Depending on the nature of the undertaking, you may want to associate with someone having a natural leadership style and innate pattern different from yours and better suited to the nature of the undertaking.

From Blame & Status-Quo to Rewarding Initiatives

In both Western and Eastern cultures, hierarchical and constraining leadership has been extremely prevalent as have the people easily adopting these ways of life. In a global environment with high levels of competition and constant innovation, the unavoidable need for change and adaptation has pushed this leadership model more and more into the background.

A large majority of company employees still prefer to hold back their own thinking or initiatives out of fear of negative repercussions from management. A culture based on blame and "better safe than sorry" impedes the surfacing of many good ideas.

Effective and efficient modern leadership requires handholding people and making it safe to share their ideas, to make best-effort commitments without including historic "padding" of timelines and to feel protected in case unforeseen obstacles block or slow down their progress. This avoids the terrible phenomenon of having to "sweep things under the rug", hoping no one will find out early mistakes, while in the meantime running the train further towards the cliff.
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Furthermore properly recognizing and properly rewarding hard-working, productive and happy individuals when they succeed is an absolute necessity to keep their motivation, interest and ultimately satisfaction and joy.

The goal is to stimulate learning, growth & innovation from the bottom up.

Culture aligns with Long-term Objectives & Vision

In both Western and Eastern cultures, culture used to be regarded as a heritage to honor and perpetuate. While cultures are an important part of humanity, the necessity of globalization begs the question of "which culture to adopt". The choice needs to look at "what we want to achieve" and be pragmatic, leaving room for individual expression and allowing for people to give their very best.

Hence company culture can no longer be immovable if the company wants to succeed. "This is not how we do things around here" needs to become a thing of the past. It is more important to focus on valid long-range decisions well informed by knowledge at all levels, and get people around a coherent vision they can relate to and identify with. Then all levels move consistently without self-contradiction into the direction of the vision, adapting globally and organically as reality and learning calls for.

The proper culture emerges by itself around a coherent system of actions at all levels, all pointing towards the decided achievement with high levels of motivation for every employee involved.
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Celebrating the Unbelievable Achievement

Every achieved and meaningful milestone for the company's success is an opportunity to celebrate what's working and reflect on learning. Celebration is viewed by people differently. Some value a brief but honest moment of acknowledgment and recognition, others starve for extravagant activities outdoors and yet others may prefer a social event.

For success to continue, the important point is to involve every contributor and have them know and feel that they have been an integral part of the achievement and reward them with what they yearn for the most, as initially discovered and understood all along the way filled with hard work. Money matters, and so does the symbolic meaning they need to feel.
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1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Coaching is different from Mentoring, because we don't tell experienced people what to do. Instead we help them make new connections, see new ways, so they can come up with solutions even better than we could imagine. It's the best possible teamwork! People can’t imagine beforehand how they will grow.

Workshops & Retreats

Decision Makers, Leaders and Managers benefit greatly from understanding how People-Awareness, Self-Awareness, Leadership and Communication all play together towards long-term company success. We co-facilitate Retreats around company-specific challenges and goals in addition to our Workshops.

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